City-dweller by upbringing, I found the outdoors in the North Carolina mountains.  Hobbies, school, and work led a twisted path around the country before Sara and I eventually settled in Wyoming.  Growing food, raising animals, being close to a mountain landscape, and living in a small-town community were all high priorities.

A desire for high quality of food and high quality of life eventually led to an interest in permaculture and related philosophies of sustainable agriculture.  A couple of PDC's later and we're "goin' for it", and hopefully not making too many type 1 errors!  (Yep, that's a permaculture reference as well as a statistical one.  A two-fer!)


I grew up on a very large farm in central Kansas and to be honest, it took a long time and years living in the city for me to appreciate what I had growing up. As I got older I began to long for open space to live and to get my hands in the dirt. Every time I visited my sister on the farm and talked to her about canning and gardening, I realized that I envied her life.

Going through yoga teacher training also opened my mind to living a more natural lifestyle and being aware of the food I was putting in my body. It was eye opening to see how much better I feel when I avoid processed food.

I recently took an herbal medicine course and want to continue to develop my skills in this area. I truly believe that there is a cure in nature for everything that ails us. I also believe that good coffee, wine, and chocolate make life more enjoyable!

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